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230400.62 Информационные системы и технологии


Task 1. Asking questions
Fill in this questionnaire by writing the correct question forms.












ABILITY Question

….What… is your name?

Are you single or married?

Where do you live?

How old are you?

What do you do for a living?

How long have you been working for your present employer?

How much do you earn?

How often do you go abroad?

When did you last have to make a presentation in English?

Why do you need training in foreign languages?

Which of these words describes your ability in English: beginner, intermediate or advanced?


Per Lysvag.

I’m separated.

In Coventry.


I’m an engineer.

Three years.

£40,000 a year.

Three or four times a year, mostly back to Sweden.

Last week at a meeting in Birmingham.

To speak with my colleagues and customers abroad.

Advanced, I hope!

Task 2. Read the letter of application and put the verbs in brackets into the correct

19 Sandford Street
London NW7 4HH

2 March 20__
Mr Scott
Personnel Manager
75 Parkhill Street
London SW2 3DE

Dear Mr Scott,
I am writing to (1) apply for the position of Senior Programmer which (2) was advertised on 28 February in The Times.

I (3) have been working as a computer programmer for the last three years. After graduation I (4) worked for a year with NCR and (5) now have been with Intelligent Software for two years. I design systems in COBOL for use in large retail chains. These have been very successful and we (6) have won several new contracts in the UK and Europe on the strength of my team’s success.

Last year I (7) spent three months in Spain testing our programs and also made several short visits to Italy so I have a basic knowledge of Spanish and Italian. I now feel ready for more responsibility and more challenging work and would welcome the opportunity to learn about a new industry.

I enclose my curriculum vitae and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Task 3. Read Kate’s notes for an interview for a software developer in a company.
Write the questions she asks the candidate.

what he knows about the company
why he wants to leave his current job
strengths & weaknesses?
applying for other jobs?
why he wants this job
happy to travel?
can work well under pressure?
how he got on with people in last job
what he’s achieved in his career so far
how he sees his future career 1 What do you know about the company?
2 Why do you want to leave your current job?
3 What are your strengths & weakness?
4 Do you apply for other jobs?
5 Why do you want this job?
6 Are you happy to travel?
7 Can you work well under pressure?
8 How did you get on with people in last job?
9 What have you achieved in your career?
10 How do you see your future career?

Task 4. Put the sentences into reported speech. Begin with the words given.

Example: “This computer system was installed last week”.
Clark said the computer system had been installed the week before.

Прямая речь
(Direct Speech) Косвенная речь
(Indirect Speech) / (Reported Speech)
“Within five years the tablet PC will be the most popular form of PC sold in America”.

“The easiest way to get intellectual property from a firm is by buying or renting an employee inside it.”

“What can we do back to a China that is stealing our data?”

“Samsung has long used multiple suppliers.”

“Diagnostic software identifies problems in computer hardware.”

“The cost of headset eye trackers has fallen from around $30,000 a decade ago to a bit less than $15,000 today.” 1.At a trade show in 2002 Bill Gates predicted that within five years the tablet PC would be the most popular form of PC sold in America
2. Kent Kedl of Control Risks, a consultancy, said that the easiest way to get intellectual property from a firm was by buying or renting an employee inside it
3.Mr Libicki asked what could we do back to China that was stealing our data

4.Ian Drew, ARM’s chief marketing officer, noted that Samsung had long used ,multiple suppliers

5. He explained that diagnostic software identified problems in computer software

6. They informed that the cost of headset eye trackers had fallen from around $30,000 a decade ago to a bit less than $15,000 that day.”

Questions 1 — 8

Look at the statements below and at the five extracts from an article about organisations which outsource (OWOs). These are organisations which give contracts for some of their activities to be run by managed service suppliers (MSSs).
Which article (A, B, C, D or E) does each statement 1 — 8 refer to?
For each statement 1-8, mark one letter (A, B, C, D or E).
You will need to use some of these letters more than once.
There is an example at the beginning, (0).


There are signs that some MSSs are moving into foreign markets.
0 A

There is a risk that outsourcing too many operations could weaken an OWO.

OWOs are finding that they need to adapt their management methods as a result of the increased outsourcing they commission.

There are different ways of assessing the total financial worth of outsourced business.

There may be improvements for an OWO’s staff when it outsources services.

Despite their success in business terms, MSSs may not be high profile.

OWOs may not have consistent policies with regard to MSSs.

It is theoretically possible for the majority of an OWO’s activities to be contracted to

Outsourcing is affecting the way performance is measured in some areas of business.

Basic activities such as catering, cleaning and security were often the first to be contracted out as both the private and public sectors yielded to the 1990s’ philosophy of concentrating on core activities. As a result of outsourcing, many canteens have lost their institutional atmosphere and resemble high-street retail outlets, boosting both the range of products and facilities for workers and the MSSs’ turnover. Profits from the growing UK outsourcing market are helping the biggest catering MSSs to expand overseas as the industry develops a global dimension.

Estimates of the scope and value of managed service supplying vary according to the definitions used of what activities are included or excluded in calculations. Although some MSSs are large — for example, the Alfis Group is, with 200,000 employees, one of the ten biggest private sector employers in Europe — they enjoy little of the public name recognition of the OWOs for whom they work. At the same time, in fields such as IT and research, OWOs now outsource not only non-core activities but also those where they believe specialist MSSs can bring additional expertise.

The growth of outsourcing means that a number of MSSs are finding themselves drawn into the established managerial thinking of their OWOs to a point where their reputation becomes dependent on the OWO’s performance — in both positive and negative ways. This and other consequences of growth are generating calls from MSSs for both the private sector and governments to think more strategically about their relationship with MSSs, rather than on a disjointed contract-by-contract basis.

There are signs that the spread of contracting out to MSSs is impacting on the way OWOs are run, generating a need for high-level staff who will be skilled at negotiating and handling relationship with partner organisations rather than simply giving internal directions. Meanwhile, many MSSs face new employment and recruitment issues as their workforces often consist of staff inherited from dozens of organisations in both the public and private sectors.

The growth in outsourcing has coincided — and may continue to coincide — with increasing interest in the concept of the virtual organisation — one which chooses to outsource almost everything so that it can concentrate on handling relationships with its clients. However, a recent report warns that the notion of virtual organization must be balanced against the negative possibility of ‘hollow’ organisations, left with only a ‘fragile shell remaining’. The report also expresses concern that some large MSSs have ‘gradually taken control of significant parts of public sector activities’, changing the basis on which the success or otherwise of those activities is assessed.


Write your own CV in English, using a sample CV as a guide.

Ivan Tomovtel. 00000008 (000) 0000000
System Administrator
Personal Details
Date of birth: _______Marital status: ______
Summary of Qualifications
5 years experience as a System Manager. Experience in the organization of computer maintenance. Good knowledge in this field.


Professional Experience
Radio EngineerSpecial Equipment Service Center
2011- till today
System Administrator
Federal Penal System (Penal Colony 7)

Additional Skills
Languages: English – Intermediate LevelRussian –native Language

Computer skills: Windows, Word for Windows, Excel, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer

Driving Licence: Driving Licence Category B
References are available on request

Letter of Application/ Covering Letter/ Cover Letter

Dear Mr Orlov
I am writing to apply for the position of a system administrator in your firm. It appears that my professional qualifications and career interests are very much in line with the requirements mentioned.
As you will notice on my CV, since 2001 I have been working in the federal penal system. So my experience in the IT field is really great. I also worked in the organization of computer maintenance. I have a good knowledge in this field and I am used to working to deadlines.
Presently I am looking for a position where I could get use of all my skills and have an opportunity to improve my qualification. So I am really interested in this job. Besides, it will be pleasure for me to join a busy and dynamic company, as I really enjoy working in a team.
I am very interested in scheduling an interview at your earliest convenience and further discussing my qualifications in detail.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Ivan Tomov
3.Write an email applying for a job.
Some ideas are given below, but adapt and change them as you wish.
a) Look in some newspapers/magazines and find a job you might be interested in.
b) Think of a real-life job you would be interested in. It doesn’t matter if the position is not vacant at the moment.
Remember the structure of a job application:
• Reason for writing
• Your background and experience
• The job itself, and why you would like to do it
• Refer to your CV
• Final comments
Dear Sir or Madam,
In reply to your advertisement, I wish to apply for the position of a system administrator. The position ties in closely with my qualifications, professional experience and career development goals.
Since 2001 I have been working in the federal penal system. I also worked in the organization of computer maintenance.
I am good in English and Russian is my native language.
I believe that both my qualifications and work experience make me an ideal candidate for the position you offer and I would very much appreciate the opportunity of an interview to demonstrate my suitability. I am available any day of the week but I would need a week’s notice in order to arrange the time off work.
Please find my CV attached .
Kind regards,
Ivan Tomov

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